How Much Does A Guitar Cost

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With a wide variety of brands and types available in the market, the price of guitars falls in a vast price range. 

Nowadays, you will easily find a guitar costing as little as $100, while a top-notch model may set you back around $2000. 

Some signature models with exceptional design and body type might cost you more than $10000. 

So as a beginner who has a little about guitar, you can’t precisely calculate how much you have to spend on a guitar.

Numerous factors influence the price of a guitar, and it also depends upon how much you are ready to shell out to buy a guitar. 

How Much Does A Guitar Cost


The manufacturing time, feature list, and the brand are the main factor that determines the price of a guitar. 

It is justifiable when a professional guitar opts for a special guitar without thinking of the cost.

But as a beginner, it would be smart to choose for a guitar that has moderate pricing and will assist you in every way in your learning curve and you can find good guitars at affordable price in the online stores.

According to professionals, you should never invest much on your first guitar as you will have more to come.

So without further ado, let’s check out the prices of different guitar types that will be really helpful when you are making way into the six-string world;


Acoustic Guitar Prices 

Acoustic Guitar Prices


The acoustic guitar always serves as the base when you are starting out with guitar lessons. They not only help you build up your rhythm but also give you the feel of classic guitar tone with features imitating electric guitar. 

Since both classical and acoustic guitars fall in the same segment so you won’t find much price variation in between two models. 


A beginner level acoustic guitar comes with a starting price of around $100, which is affordable enough for most people. 

However, if you are flexible with your budget, you can have better guitar quality, which would cost you between $200 and $600

Nowadays, in this price range, you will also find some guitars that come with various onboard electronics to make your playing experience much more enjoyable.

The prices increase gradually based on the build quality, finish, bridge, saddle, and brand name. 

The quality of the tone and craftsmanship serves as the most influencing factor that determines the price of a guitar. 

The availability of tuning facility, the number of tuning gears, amplification quality, and binding layers also adds to the pricing of the guitar. 

So when you are buying a beginner-level model at an inexpensive price, make sure they are made up of spruce or rosewood and are comfortable to play. 

The price automatically rises with the quality of the woods used in the acoustic guitar as it enhances the tonal quality. 

Like every string instrument, the guitar that looks good also sounds good as they incorporate meticulous design and high-quality wood.  

Generally, as a  beginner, you shouldn’t spend much on the first guitar as after someday, you will start yearning for a better model with specific requirements. 

But if you are considering your first guitar as an investment that would stay by your side for a very long time. 

Then it would be smart to invest in a mid-range that may set you back between $400 and $1500. 


When you move from budget level to mid-range, not only are you treated with better craftsmanship and wood quality, but you get better hardware, built, and clarity in the tones.

When you will glide your fingers over the fret, you will definitely understand the difference, even if you are a novice. 

The bridge, saddle, nut, and body optimization used on the mid-range acoustic models gives you better control over the tone output and allows you to play different notes effortlessly.

In this range, you will find a lot of electronic equipment like tuner, equalizer, inbuilt effect, electric pickup, and tone-quality controller.

Another reason that many beginners prefer this range is because many acoustic models come with cutaway body shapes that allow you to explore creativity in high frets. 

Most importantly, they come with intrinsic finishes that give you a premium feel and capability to get attention from your crush. 

If you’re craving for the best tonal and playing experience from the start of your learning curve, then a high-end acoustic model would be the only solution. 

However, getting a top-notch acoustic would make a dent in your budget as most of them cost over $2000. 

Generally, most of these models are specially handcrafted and engineered with great care.

  • Unlike others, they get extraordinary wood selections that are treated and crafted so that they can produce the high-clarity and pure acoustic sound you are longing to hear. 
  • The fretboard and headstock are crafted and engineered by specialized artisans, making the guitar stand out in the crowd.  
  • The use of bones in the saddle, bridge, and nuts in the high-end acoustic models is what makes them expensive in the market. 
  • When you compare an average model and handcrafted model, you will know the difference as the latter tends to give you a sweet and mellow tone. 
  • The expensive range not only provides you handcrafted models but also lets you choose collectible and signed models from famous guitarists around the world.  


Electric Guitar Price 

Electric Guitar Price


Once you master over the art of playing an acoustic guitar, won’t you be eager to climb up the ladder and opt for an electric guitar? 

Like everyone, you will obviously want to try your skill on electric guitar. 

But do you know how much you should save to buy one of them?

Well, similar to acoustic guitar, electric guitars come in various price ranges and different types too. 

If you are on a budget and want to purchase a good quality electric guitar, then you can easily get them around $130 to $150.

The budget models are excellent choices at the entry-level because you will have the chance to upgrade once you get better at it. 

Most of the inexpensive doesn’t come with substantial tuning options or high-quality hardware, but they get the job done when you use the right kind of accessories.  

Most guitarists and sound engineers recommend that you invest in a good quality if you want the right kind of sound and playing experience. 

However, to own an excellent electric guitar, you will have to shell out at least $200 to choose a model from a reputed brand like the Axe Guitar which are great in design and craftmanship. 

Most of the mid-range models maintain a balance between audio quality, build quality and features so you can’t expect a terrific tone output from them. 

The mid-range electric models are always a smart choice because they allow you to save money for the amp and other accessories.  

If budget is not an issue and you want to try your hand on some popular electric models from Fender or Gibson, then you will have to go beyond the $1000 boundary. 

Not only do these models carry top-of-the-line hardware and wood quality, but they come with distinctive designs that help you to move your hand fluently in the fret.  

With the cost of the electric guitar, you will also have to consider the cost of purchasing an amplifier and other accessories. 

With the availability of various guitar amps, you will see numerous variations in the price range.

The price of an amp starts as low as $50 and goes beyond the $1000 boundary. 

The amp you want entirely depends upon the purpose, the sound quality you want, and the wattage requirement. 

Getting amps from brands like Marshall, Yamaha, ESP, Epiphone won’t ever make you regret your decision.

Remember, always try to maintain the balanced coherence between the guitar and amp. 

Because there is no point in investing in a high-end electric guitar if you are going to plug it with an ordinary $50 amp.   


Considering Package 



When you are perplexed with the price of electric and amp, considering the package is the smartest thing you can do as a beginner guitarist. 

Nowadays, in many stores, you will find many package deals where they will offer you a combo of electric guitar and amp at an affordable rate. 

Basically, these starter packs costing around $200 gives you everything you need to start playing once you get them home. 

The package comes in different ranges where some even include strap, guitar case, tuner, pedal, and extra strings.

Surprisingly, you will even get affordable packages for acoustic guitars, but the choices are limited as not everyone prefers to use amps.  


Classical Guitar Cost

Classical Guitar Cost


Classical guitars are like the benchmark instrument when you are just starting out with first guitar lessons. 

They are not only easier to play but also help you precisely position your hand in the fret.

They build up the base of every beginner and allow them to get fluency they need for strumming and moving their hand in the fret.

Most importantly, it will be beneficial if you want to develop a finger style playing.

However, most of the beginners get perplexed with the considerable variation in pricing associated with classical guitars. 

From $50 to $5000, they come in all ranges from brands like Ibanez, Gibson, Fender, Gibson Les Paul, etc.  

The under $100 range contains many poor models that are not worth your hard-earned money as they won’t give you the right tone and quality. 

So if you ramp up your budget around $150-$300, you will find some excellent models with decent quality wood and high tonal output.

However, we would recommend you to settle for a  guitar pricing within the $300-$800 range because they will cater to all your requirements without making you broke. 

Moreover, they are built with high-quality wood, specialized fingerboard, bone saddle, and many more.  

Online stores could be a viable option if you know what classical guitar you are thinking of buying. 

You will get numerous deals in online stores, and there are chances that you can find a deal where you will get freebies like a strap or case.

However, you should shop only from reputed sites and not fall in their marketing traps as they sometimes try to oversell the products.  


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Did You Get Guitar Blisters on Your Fingers? It hurts badly, isn’t it? Find the solution now and free yourself from this pain.


Is Used Guitar A Good Budget Alternative?

Is Used Guitar A Good Budget Alternative?

We can undoubtedly say used guitar, whether it is electric, acoustic, metal, or classic they serve as an excellent alternative for beginners who are on a tight budget. 

It would be an excellent choice for individuals who don’t want to compromise on the tone and playing quality by buying a cheap guitar from non-reputed makers. 

However, you can’t always expect to find a good guitar at an inexpensive rate as the price of used models varies from seller to seller. 

There are many reputable sites where you can find some good deals. You will come across many individuals who will give you excellent guitars at the right price if you can search thoroughly on the Craigslist.

Nowadays, many reputed stores sell refurbished or used guitars, so it would be a smart idea to get them because they won’t dupe you. 97

These stores repair most of the issues so that the refurbished or used guitar can sound and look like new.

However, we have seen that some of them still carry small problems, so either you can avoid them or get them fixed before buying it. 

Many people think a used guitar will be a good option for beginners because they will enjoy the smoothness of the fretboard.  


Guitar String Cost

Guitar String Cost

Whether you are getting an electric, classical, metal, or acoustic guitar, you will need a right string set to get the best tone out of your guitar. 

A keyboard is incomplete without its keys; similarly a guitar is useless without strings.

However, strings don’t last long, and they lose their capability over time, which results in a degradation in the tone. 

So to maintain the same tonal quality and harmony, you should change the strings at a regular interval. 

However, a high-quality string doesn’t come cheap and varies from brand to brand. 

An ordinary string set may cost around $2-$5, but they would serve you only a month or two.

But if you go for a specialized string from reputed brands, then a set can easily last for six months without causing issues. 

A high-quality will cost you around $10 or more, and they have the capability to prevent any oxidation overtime.

So we can conclude by saying that various factors determine the cost of a guitar, so you will have to be a little flexible with your budget. 

You should first consider all your requirements and based on that you should choose the guitar of your dream. 

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