A Complete Guide On Blackmachines Guitars

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Blackmachine guitar may not be a widely popular name in the guitar market, and unlike other big brands, it doesn’t have a considerable market presence.

Despite being a small brand, it is often discussed on guitar forums about its distinctive finish, and the impressive body cut that has become a cult among players. 

However, limited knowledge about the brand and sketchy website has led to a lot of misinformation circulating in forums.

Most importantly, all their guitars come with a hefty price tag, so they were limited to individual players who wanted to explore the guitars from this cult brand.


Quality Score

 Blackmachine has only six guitar models under its belt, and all of them are built only when they are ordered, so it automatically increases the wait time.

Moreover, there is considerable hype surrounding most of the Blackmachine guitars, and it has caused a huge supply issue due to limited production but you can still find it on the Online Stores

There are mixed reviews associated with this brand, as some say they are specialized string instruments, while some criticized it for their poor metal tone output. If you go through forums, you will come across numerous posts where people have praised this guitar, and they didn’t understand the reason behind its exorbitant price.            

So without further ado, let start with our guide that will solve most of the air of confusion associated with Blackmachine guitars.


Why Are Blackmachine Guitars So Expensive?

Blackmachne guitar

When you will look at Blackmachine guitars, the first question that will strike your mind is why they are so expensive.

There isn’t any single factor that has made this guitar so costly, but several factors have made them pricey as they are now. 

Once I saw some fabulous guitarists playing this guitar brand, and the sound quality it has on offer is fantastic.

Those players have also appreciated the playing it experiences the guitar gives from the first note to the last note, including an excellent feeling. 

But in forums, I have seen members who appreciated the guitar build quality but also said that the tonal quality wasn’t as good as its expensive price tag.

Many people have also criticized this guitar for its huge wait time and astronomical price structure.

Some members in different forums have also stated that many customs made guitars even sound better and feel better than this brand. 

We can tell you it would be unwise to compare because Blackmachine guitar has its own class, and it made the ultra-thin electric guitar a popular choice in the market. Back then ultra slim electric models were very uncommon, and many people thought it would sound really poor, 

 Some brands came up with ultra-thin models, but they didn’t make a massive name due to their poor tonal quality and playability.

However, the arrival of this brand changed everything as they revolutionized the market with their ultra-thin models.

Even though they were expensive from the beginning, the way they sound and look, made many players drawn towards them. 

Generally, the price of a guitar is not only decided by their manufacturing cost but also brand value and marketing costs incurred for promoting the guitar.

But this wasn’t the case with Blackmachine guitar, and Mr. Doug’s main motto was to treat the guitar with a unique experience. 

The manufacturer never paid any advertising agency for promoting their guitar and dedicated their whole effort to make a fantastic guitar with excellent wood and hardware.

Doug, who is the main person behind this brand, thought of promoting their guitar through their work and appreciation from guitarists. 

Another reason behind their expensive price tag is the use of premium quality woods in all their models that you would mostly see in high-end models.

They are generally made up of the combination of Honduras rosewood, and swamp ash, maple laminate, and mahogany and quartersawn Madagascar rosewood torrified ash.

Moreover, they utilize exceptional quality hardware like Floyd original bar, Pearl tuning keys, Sperzel locking machine heads, etc., making sure you a top of the line built quality. 

How Is Their Tonal Quality and Playing Experience?

Blackmachine tone


Once you start playing, there is no looking back, especially if you love to incorporate a punchy tone in all your music.

It may not be suitable for all types of genres, but it will surely impress with its powerful sustain and attack that you won’t expect from the slim body profile.

However, the tonal quality of the Blackmachine guitar varies from model to model. 

Some models are best suited when utilized for alternative rock and jazz genres as they deliver smoothness and clarity.

While some models like SG and B6 are ideal for players who indulge themselves in the metal and hard rock genre because it gives out a solid metal tone with killer bite and attack. 

When it comes to playability, it will simply astonish you with the premium feel and top-notch playing experience and the quality is even enhanched when you play them with an envelope filter.

Doug had the vision of giving players a unique playing experience through an ultra-slim body profile and meticulously crafted body curve. 

The slim-profile with beautiful contours makes it effortless and straightforward for the player to strum the string without facing difficulty easily.

The artisan has designed the fret in such a way that you won’t have any problem gliding your hand over the fret while playing rifts.

The playability it has on offer is simply incredible, and you can find this kind of playability in top-tier builders like Nic Huber, Ruokangas, Teuffel, and many more. 

Playing high octave notes is a problem in some electric units, but you won’t feel the same with Blackmachine string instruments.

It offers maximum room around the end section of the neck so that you can easily play delicate high octave notes. 

Some Popular Blackmachine Guitars

Popular Blakmachine guitars


Here are some popular Blackmachine guitars that have made a good name among enthusiasts and professional;

The B7 models carry almost the same body built quality like B2, but what makes it different is the seven string setup. You will get all the benefits of an extra string but minus the clumsiness in the playing experience.

The specially crafted body design with wide-spectrum full-bodied sound is another highlighting feature, and this is why it comes with a price of $150000 or higher. 

B8, on the other hand, falls into a different league because it was custom designed by Doug back in 2004, and it also includes a specialized balanced string set. Moreover, it comes with an eight-string setup that you will hardly find in any model. B7 and B8 may not be popular like B2, but when these guitars come on sale, they get immediately sold out within a few days. 

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B2, B7, and 8

B2, B7, and B8

The B2, B7, and B8 are one of the highest-selling products in Blackmachine’s lineup, and they have always stayed in demand.

What makes them unique is the fact that they are crafted by the artisan Doug, thus making them the most sought after Blackmachine guitars in the market.

B2 bags a combination swamp ash in the body, Honduras rosewood on the neck, ivory fingerboard, and Schaller or Gotoh hardware. So the manufacturer has kept the pricing between $8500 and $1200, but some B2s with koa tops often sell around $20000. 


F8 is another popular model in Blackmachine guitar’s lineup that is basically a fanned fret alternative of B8.

Unlike B8, it also comes with a mahogany body option with a reversible single-action truss rod.

The design approach of this guitar has been taken from different ideas from varied sources, and it is one of those instruments that offers an extended range with minimal compromise.

Not only does it give you soothing mids and highs, but it also delivers full baritone power in the low-frequency range.

It is quite a rare model, and that is why most of the models come with a hefty price tag. 





The first look of B6 guitar might give you the impression that it is more of an advanced version of B2, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

It is built with a hand-selected maple laminate neck, 35mm thick swamp ash body, and premium Gotoh hardware that allows it to offer optimum playability and full tonal output.

Although the current lineup of B6 is made by Feline Guitars based on Uk, it is said that the first batch of B6s is created by Doug. 

However, some reports suggest that the woodshop of Feline guitar has some involvement in building the B6s developed by Doug.

The B6s are an excellent option for players who want some great metal tones from their guitars.

The best part is that you won’t have to wait for a long time to get this guitar. 

SG and Telecaster 

You might be confused by seeing the name of SG and Telecaster in this list as they are predominantly associated with big brands like Gibson and Fender.

But surprisingly, Doug has created the classic versions of these two models, and he mainly built them for his close friends.

These two units were designed before the brand became popular in the market, and they hardly carry any Blackmachine guitar traits. 

Even though Doug built these two guitar lineups in his early times, the tonal quality they deliver is simply mind-boggling.

Many people who had the chance to own or play these SGs and telecasters have praised it for its wonderful feel and impressive attack.

However, if you wish to own any one of the guitars, then the chance of getting it is really low as they don’t make it anymore.


How Can You Buy  A Used Blackmachine Guitar? 



For regular enthusiasts who aren’t well aware of groups and are not well connected to private sellers, it is tough for them to get their hands on Blackmachine guitar, including used models.

The main issue with these guitars is they are mostly sold through specialized groups, on prepaid orders, or via reputed brokers. 

Moreover, the manufacturer doesn’t put out advertisements in the market for selling their product, so as a standard buyer, it is quite challenging to get them.

Since they are so much in demand so, hardly anyone guitarists resale these guitars, and whoever sells them puts an expensive price tag.

I have come across used Blackmachine models that cost more than their brand new counterparts. Moreover, most of the units are heavily used so until you want to play Blackmachine guitar as soon as possible, we would suggest waiting until the new shipment arrives. 

How Can You Buy  A New Blackmachine Guitar? 


Blackmachine guitar

Well, the trickiest part of Blackmachine guitar is their buying process, and even if you are ready to spend $20,000 for a new model, you can’t get one.

Currently, the manufacturer (Doug) isn’t taking any orders, so building a new Blackmachine guitar according to your requirement would be really tough.  

However, according to reports, some buyer who had connections with the luthier or had an insane amount of money was able to get their build started.

If you are looking for a readymade guitar, then you will have to keep track of their arrival. Most of the new Blackmachine guitars come in sale for once or twice in a year, and they are always so much in demand that they get sold within the same day. 

These specialized guitars built by Doug come with a minimum price threshold of $15,000, and you can land on the new models if you bid under $15,000 in the auction.

The chance of getting a new model from a local music store is close to none as they are individually sold only at a few places.  

Now, it leads to  another question;

So Should You Buy A Blackmachine Guitar? 



While going through everything in this guide, the thought of whether you should buy a blackmachine guitar must have crossed several times in your mind.

Well, as a regular user, it would be not very smart to invest in a highly expensive guitar like Blackmachine that apart from distinctive body design and metal, one doesn’t offer anything new. 

  • You can build a custom-built slim profile guitar at one-fourth of the price of a Blackmachine guitar that will also feel good and offer premium tonal quality.
  • However, if you want to experience Mr. Doug’s craftsmanship and really want to explore the playing experience provided by an ultra-slim body, then buying this guitar would be futile. 
  • Importantly, if you are not worried about the budget, then you buy this guitar, experience it for a year, and then sell it to another buyer.
  • You can sell it for more than its original price, and if the guitar is in top-notch condition, many enthusiasts will be ready to buy them. More than enthusiasts, if you are selling a Telecaster, F8, or B8, then you will come across many collectors who will be ready to give you almost %50 more than the original price.   

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