Best Online Guitar Stores

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Guitars, Musical Instruments

Nowadays, online guitar stores serve as the ideal source of getting high-quality guitars at the best price point. It also serves as an affordable way for enthusiasts to get their hands on a new guitar at their best suitable budget. 

According to reports, nowadays, buyers prefer getting their guitar from online stores rather than usual retail shops as they can choose from thousands of models at their home comfort.

Online stores have made things easier for them to hunt for a specific model from their home rather than spending a whole day in different stores to find the right guitar.

Best Online Guitar Stores


However, the recent boom in the online shopping trend has allowed numerous stores to create an e-commerce site to showcase their large stock of string instruments.

But with multiple online guitar retailers in the picture, it would be a tricky task to find the right store for shopping. 

 So to clear any air of confusion, we have come up with a list of best online guitar stores that will help you to find the right shop for your purchase.

While these stores may seem similar to other ones, but what defines them is the extensive options, efficient customer service, quick shipping, and best pricing.  

So without further let’s take a look at all the top online guitar stores; 

Guitar Center 


guitar center


Guitar Center is a widely popular online store that is preferred by numerous enthusiasts and professionals throughout the country.

With one of the most extensive stocks of musical instruments, there is hardly any guitar model that you won’t find in their stores. 

From entry level guitars from Yamaha, Gibson, Epiphone to signature models like Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, and Martin D-28, you will find all types of guitars in their inventory. 

Basically, they serve as a one-stop shop where you will also have a plethora of options for amplifiers, strings, pedals, picks, straps, and many other gears.

What sets them apart is that they have covered every price range, which makes it easier for you to narrow down your choice based on your budget.

A great thing about guitar centers is that you can ship your desired guitar to the nearest Guitar Store and try it out before making the final purchase.

Plus, they give you 45 days price protection where they will revert the extra amount to you if you get a better deal. 

Most importantly, they even offer you 45 days money-back guarantee, meaning you can return the product for a full refund or exchange.

Unfortunately, you need to make a minimum $25 order to get free shipping service from them.  




The Sweetwater is a top rated and one of the prominent online retailers in the e-commerce market that caters to hundreds of customers on a daily basis.

Highly appreciated by professionals and enthusiasts, they serve as one of the most reliable stores from where you can safely get your new guitar. 

Whether it is Fender, Ibanez, Gibson, Yamaha, ESP, etc., you will find all types of guitars from all the reputed brands in the market.

Like Guitar Center, they also have their inventory filled with guitars from every price range, so if you are starting out, then you should definitely go through their list.

You will also find numerous handmade guitars in their stores, which are challenging to get in ordinary music retail stores.

A great thing about this store is that they don’t have any minimum order limit, so you can freely order anything without giving any shipping charge. 

You will even get a money refund policy with all their products, but it is limited to 30days.

However, they don’t offer price protection to all the guitars, and it would be better to contact them before purchasing a particular guitar. 

This store is known for highly-efficient customer service who has in-depth knowledge about guitars and gears and solves all the issues without any delay.

They even offer remote assistance to correct any error in your music software and that too, within any delay.  


Musician’s Friend



Just like the name, Musician’s Friend is a reliable and popular online guitar destination that is widely preferred by numerous musicians throughout the US.

With massive stock of guitars from multiple brands, you will easily find the guitar of your choice at the best price.

Along with guitars, you will also find numerous gears like amplifiers, pedals, strings, etc. at different price points.

For some states, they don’t even charge sales tax, thus giving the option to save some money for buying gears and accessories from their store.

Moreover, they offer free shipping at all orders, which makes them a user-friendly store.

They even treat you with 45 days of satisfaction guarantee and provide a full refund when you return the product in the exact condition.

You will also get two years of additional warranty coverage when you purchase a new guitar from them.

Since they offer guitars from every price range, the organization has also introduced finance policy through Paypal credit and Store credit card so you can quickly get your desired string instrument. 

Almost every day, the organization comes with some new deals, which is a great way to save some money. Throughout the guitar community, they are well known for their professional customer service who can not only solve problems but also helps you to get the right guitar.  






Without a doubt, Amazon is the biggest online guitar platform in the market that gives you access to thousands of products from brands all over the world.

Whatever is your requirement, you will find almost every type of guitar from different price ranges in this e-commerce site. 


 Even though they don’t offer an excellent selection on high-end guitars, but they make it up with the ample of options for beginner and mid-range guitars.

In addition to all the famous brands in the US, you will find numerous high-quality guitars from less popular brands in Japan, Mexico, India, China, etc.

They have such an extensive inventory that will make spoilt for choices even if you are going for a budget model.

Amazon is also well-known for its incredible pricing of guitars, which are generally lower than other retailers, and this is why their stocks get quickly sold out.

Unlike others, they also have a massive inventory of refurbished guitars at affordable price points, which is why everyone prefers buying guitars from here. 

Unfortunately, they don’t offer any kind of price protection, but it won’t be a huge concern for you.

If you have Amazon prime membership, then you can quickly get the guitar within two to three days and that too without any cost.  

They have a best-in-class customer service who always strive to help their customer with any kind of issue.

They even offer a full refund and exchange offer if you find any problem with your newly purchased guitar.  


Sam Ash

sam ash


If you are active in the guitar community, then you might have come across the musical instrument giant, Sam Ash which is considered as one of the largest retailers in the world.

With numerous options of guitars and accessories, this site serves as the one-stop destination for all the enthusiasts and professionals.

Whether you want Gibson, Seagull, Ovation, Fender or Rickenbacker, you just have to type it, and you will find almost all prominent brands on their website. The guitar pricing starts as low as $50 and goes above $2000 for signature models.

 They maintain moderate pricing like every other highly reputed retailer and also offer 60 days price protection, which is a great advantage for buyers.

When you order from Sam Ash, you will have to make a minimum purchase of $10 to avail of the free shipping service from them. 

However, for EMI options, you can only avail of the facility if you have their store credit card. Plus, they give you an authentic delivery timespan rather than getting your hopes high with unrealistic promises.

Most importantly, they come with 45 days satisfaction guarantee coverage so you can easily return the product for a full refund or exchange.   

Almost every customer has highly praised Sam Ash’s customer service as they solve most of the issues with the utmost efficiency.

They employ some highly knowledgeable individuals, so whatever is your query and you can expect them to solve it.  


Austin Bazaar

Austin bazar


Austin Bazaar is another highly reputed organization that serves as a reliable medium for buying new guitars.

Although it is an independent organization, it hasn’t stopped them from treating their customers with thousands of guitar options from almost every reputed brand. 

From acoustic, electric to guitar bundles, you will find all types of buying options in their store.

They design guitar bundles in such a way that you get all top-notch products at an affordable rate.

Besides guitars, they have a massive lineup for the amp, strings, pedal, and many other gears, which is why they always stay in demand.

With no minimum order limit for availing free shipping, you can easily purchase anything you want without any worry.

Like others, they also give you a 45 days satisfaction guarantee coverage, and if you wish to return the product, then you will have to return in immaculate condition. 

Buying expensive guitars won’t be a problem for you because you can take the finance options through Paypal credit and Bill Me Later.

However, when it comes to price protection, they are quite selective, and it would be better to contact them before buying any particular product.  


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Did You Get Guitar Blisters on Your Fingers? It hurts badly, isn’t it? Find the solution now and free yourself from this pain.

Why Buying Guitars On Online Stores Is A Better Idea?

Why Buying Guitars On Online Stores Is A Better Idea?



Well, some may argue that buying a guitar from typical physical stores is always a better option.

But we want to highlight some significant perks that make online guitar store a great choice;



The buying convenience is probably the primary reason that nowadays, many buyers are shifting to online stores rather than physical shops.

  • You can order your favorite guitar from your home and have it delivered at the front of your door. 
  • You can adequately assess the specification and other details before buying a particular guitar.
  • It is exceptionally suitable for people who are really busy with their work and can’t spend hours in the stores. 
  • Most importantly, it spares you from visiting crowded stores and wait for a long time to get your turn to try out a particular guitar.
  • Some online stores even give you the option to ship the product to their nearest outlet and allow you to try the product before you purchase it.

    Price Point

    Everyone will agree to the fact that online stores, most of the time online stores, get you a better deal on the guitar than traditional retail stores. Whether it is Amazon, Musician’s Friend, or Sam Ash, they give you competitive pricing on all their guitars that you won’t find in retail stores. 

  • Even if they don’t offer excellent pricing, they make it up by providing various accessories along with the string instrument.
  • Some online stores also provide various bundle options where you get your favorite guitar along with some top-notch gears at an attractive price point.



When you decide to buy a guitar from online stores, you will be overwhelmed by the array of guitars they have on offer from different brands. Starting from vintage to modern high-end guitars, you will find a variety of options that you will hardly get in physical stores. 

  •  Importantly, you will get access to a variety of brands from different parts of the world in one place.
  • Online stores allow you to get your hands on guitars of specific configuration, design, and color, which is not always possible in regular stores.
  • You also get the option to choose some handmade guitars that are only sold online and not in stores.


    Customer Service

    Almost every reputed online guitar store employs an efficient and knowledgeable customer service who are always available to solve issues of their customers. They even guide you to find the most appropriate guitar so that you won’t make a wrong investment. 


    Price Protection

    Numerous online stores come with price protection facilities where they get you a refund when you get the same guitar at a better price. However, the price protection comes with a time limit, and they will refund you the difference in price only if you get the deal at a lower price.


    Free Shipping

    Almost all the online stores offer free shipping, so you won’t have to spare any extra amount while getting the guitar delivered to your house. Importantly it allows you to save some additional amount of money.



Top Online Stores To Buy Used Guitars 


If you are short on money or just starting to learn guitar, then getting a used guitar would be a plausible option. You will also find terrific deals on high-end guitars that are not easy to buy due to their high price range. So let’s check out the best places where you can get excellent used guitars;





Reverb is probably the most reliable and most prominent online store that offers innumerable amounts of used guitars to every buyer.

However, apart from guitars, they also offer various other used musical gears to their customers. 

Most of the sellers in this online store properly maintain the guitars so that you can buy the guitar in their best possible condition.

Some guitar models even come with upgraded hardware, so your investment won’t go in vain.

A great thing about Reverb is that you will find excellent deals on high-end guitars like Les Paul, Stratocaster, Hummingbird, etc.





Well, who doesn’t know about eBay, which serves as the most significant platform for used products, including guitars.

Apart from used guitars, you will also come across numerous second-hand gears and accessories at an unbelievable price point. 

What makes eBay stand out is that you will find almost any guitar type and model in this platform at a lower price than others.

Most importantly, you will also come across numerous old or outdated models that are mostly swapped by professional guitarists for their updated versions.

This platform is extremely user-friendly, and all their products come with money-back guarantee coverage where you are entitled to a full refund if the guitar is damaged or any other issue.

In any case, the seller doesn’t ship you the guitar or gives you a different product than mentioned; you will get a full refund from eBay.

This online store is known for the quick service of their customer support team as they solve most of the problems within a call or email.  


Facebook Marketplace 

facebook markeplace


Currently, Facebook Marketplace is gradually becoming a popular platform among musicians for used musical instruments.

Facebook is used by most of the people in the world, so it is becoming easy for sellers and buyers to achieve a greater reach.

Apart from providing a platform, Facebook doesn’t take any responsibility in the process and leaves everything to the buyer and seller agreement.



We hope we have been able to guide you to the right online guitar store that will help you to find your targeted guitar and that too at the best price.

Many consumers get confused when they look for online stores to buy a new guitar as everyone promises to give you the best service. 

Our guide has highlighted all the best online guitar stores where you will comfortably get your desired guitar without putting any extra money on shipping.

Some stores even give you excellent deals on bundles and allow you to save some money on buying gears separately.

So if you have any further queries about the online stores, then feel free to get in touch with us, and we will solve your question as soon as possible.

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