All About Luna Guitars

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The brand Luna guitars may not seem like a widely popular name as other big brands like Fender and Yamaha, but they are quite popular in the guitar community. 

They have an extensive lineup of ergonomic yet beautiful instruments that are meticulously handcrafted by musicians of different genres. 

Although they have a vast list of guitars, but they are widely known for entry-level acoustic models that are used by many beginners and enthusiasts.  

Whether you want an acoustic guitar, electric guitars, ukuleles, bass units, or children’s guitar, Luna Guitar has a decent amount of models for all the instruments. 

It is one of a kind music instrument manufacturer who also has an excellent lineup of different types of users. 

Apart from instruments, they have a vast stock of different accessories. You might think of it as a small brand, but various music stores all over the US and Canada have a massive inventory of Luna guitars.  

Plus, This brand has its wings spread all over the world as they are associated with numerous international dealers. 

Brief Background 

All About Luna Guitars

Luna Guitars is co-founded by Yvonne de Villers, who is a renowned stained-glass artist, and she had the vision of creating an organization that would supply instruments with unique designs.

Her main inspiration for creating a manufacturing division was her mother, Hilda, who was a famous bass player in numerous rock bands. 

From her tender age, she saw her mother struggling with large bass instruments. So she decided to create a new lineup of guitars that will be exclusively designed to fit players based on their playing styles, body structure, and hand. 

Plus, she also wanted to take a radical approach to guitar styles rather than creating fancy modes that don’t offer good audio output.

She wanted more than just delivering guitars and making profits; she wanted to create a big family. 

So this is how the famous Luna Guitar came into existence and started delivering comfortable music devices with stunning designs. 


You will see her artistic craftsmanship in all their products, and almost every unit comes with distinct creative designs.  

Brief Background 

Currently, Luna Guitars is one of the fastest-growing guitar organizations in the market, but still, they have a long way to go. 

Many musicians from different spectrums of the musical world prefer their products as they are affordable and offer a rich output with aesthetically pleasing designs. 

Even though Yvonne de Villaers has left the organization back in 2015 but still her philosophy of building instruments with wood and metal are followed. 

This brand is continually evolving themselves by understanding the demand of customers and connecting with the guitar communities. 

They are heavily committed to their customers, and this is the reason none of their users ever post poor reviews about their customer service.  

Massive Lineup From Luna Guitars

Massive Lineup From Luna Guitar

The Luna Guitars always wanted to cater to musicians from different genres, and this is the reason behind their vast lineup of instruments. 

When you visit their store or website, you will find a wide variety of popular instruments like ukuleles, basses, and lefty guitars.

All these instruments are built using premium quality woods, walnut bridges, top-notch strings, and high-end fretboard materials. 

Since most of their ukuleles and basses are made up of mahogany woods and employ special construction, so they produce high-quality sound output with richness and real acoustic flavors.

They have kept the price range between $80 and $800 so that people with different budgets can easily afford them.

 However, the most popular product in their lineup is the acoustic guitar that has always been a rage among guitarists, especially beginners. 

Massive Lineup From Luna Guitar

Like ukuleles and basses, these guitars are also made up of mahogany and exotic mahogany woods along with other premium hardware. 

So they were able to match the acoustic sound of top-end acoustic units from Fender, Yamaha, Epiphone, etc. and that too with classic richness. 

A great thing about their acoustic models is all of them come with numerous modern electronics so that you can connect them to an amplifier and get a tailored audio output.

Besides, Luna Guitar is also proficient in producing high-quality Bluegrass, Cajon, and children guitars, and they are also quite popular in the market. 

The manufacturer also sells different gears like picks, straps, maintenance items, amps, and cases so that a musician won’t have to look anywhere else.  

The Reasons Behind Luna Guitar’s Popularity?

The Reasons Behind Luna Guitar Popularity?

As you already know, Luna Guitar is currently one of the fastest-growing guitar manufacturers in the market, and the demand for their instrument never goes down. But why are they so popular? 

  • One of the primary reasons behind the considerable craze is their meticulously handcrafted designs and construction that allows the devices to bring out a rich and true tonal output.
  • Unlike other brands, they are designed and manufactured in the US and Britain, so the quality, durability, and reliability of their product are much better than instruments made in China. 
  • Most importantly, the whole guitar is handcrafted by veteran luthiers, which is why all their products never cease to amaze you.
  • The best part is they are built using high-quality hardware and premium wood materials; thus, they offer excellent playability and feel while holding them. 
  • They are tailored made in such a way that they easily play them without facing any difficulty.
  • Although they are not cheap, they kept the pricing at an affordable level so that everyone can own them. 
  • One specialty that makes them stand out from most of the brands is their artistic body designs, which are carefully drawn by experienced artisans.

All their products come with different works of art on the body so that they can be distinct from the other products in the lineup.  

Another primary reason behind Luna Guitar’s popularity is their availability in different music throughout the US and Canada. 

You will get most of their products and accessories in any reputed music stores. They have excellent customer service who efficiently solves most of the issues without taking much time.  

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All About Luna Guitars

The brand Luna guitars may not seem like a widely popular name as other big brands like Fender and Yamaha, but they are quite popular in the guitar community.  They have an extensive lineup of ergonomic yet beautiful instruments that are meticulously handcrafted by...

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