Takamine Guitars: Are They Good?

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Guitars, Musical Instruments

Are you thinking of treating yourself with a new acoustic guitar? But can’t decide which brand to choose? 

When you search for top-notch brands for your next acoustic six-string instrument, you will find numerous famous brands. 

Ranging from Yamaha, Seagull, Martin to Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone, you will have an array of choices in front of you. 

But when you go deep and look beyond the popular brands, you will come across hidden gems like Takamine.


Quality Score


Design & Structure

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Takamine is a top-of-the-line acoustic guitar brand that might hail from Japan, but it has made a big name in the American music industry. 

Widely known for producing ‘hardest working guitars,’ they are still a rage among enthusiasts and legendary guitarists in the music industry. 

This Japanese giant has some best-in-class acoustic models in their lineup that you will find in the favorite list of many sound engineers and guitarists. 

Despite being a top-end brand, they have guitars in all ranges with varied types of sounds and styles.  


While reading, a question must have crossed your mind.

Are They Good?

Are They Good?

We can confidently say that Takamine has some of the finest acoustic guitars in their lineup that would not only mesmerize you by their sound but also artistic built. 

Hand-built craftsmanship from experienced artisans makes the Takamine products stand out from other popular brands. 

We have tried numerous acoustic models from many famous brands, and many of them didn’t live up to our expectations. 

But when we tested the electro-acoustic guitars from the Japanese brand, we were totally flabbergasted by the sound quality and playing experience it has on offer.

 Most of the models from Takamine hold true acoustic integrity, which is why many famous musicians and bands prefer them. 

Whether Steven Wilson, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, or Bruno Mars, over the years, their guitars have been played by many greats. 

  • It was a 12-string Takamine guitar that was used to create the legendary song ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles.   
  • Takamine is one of those brands that not only look after their guitar quality but also the interest of their customers. 
  • Probably, this is the reason they have a comprehensive price range option that starts as low as $200 and goes above $1000 you can go to Online Stores for cheaper rates.  
  • Unlike others, all the guitars are handbuilt, and they use premium quality tonewoods, torrefied or roasted woods for constructing most of their guitars. 
  • They follow a zero-tolerance approach to the user’s long term satisfaction, and that is why they take no risk when it comes to quality.  

Are They Good?

Building Takamine

They take a traditional approach when building their guitar, and each section of the guitar is thoroughly tested before leaving the workshop. 

Every part of the guitar is carefully calibrated, so as a player, you will never miss the true essence of the acoustic guitar. 

Whether the bridge, saddle or fret, this Japanese manufacturer never compromises on any part. Many experts hail their traditional hand craftsmanship because they combine masterful precision and classic aesthetics to create their acoustic models. 

Another major highlight of this brand is it incorporates modern technologies to facilitate players to get the best playing and acoustic sound experience.    


Takamine is one of those brands that never compromise on the quality and mechanics of their guitars. 

This is why progressive rock pioneer Steven Wilson uses guitars from this Japanese brand when he is working on a new song or going on tours.  


Brief Background

Brief Background

Takamine is a decades-old acoustic guitar brand that was founded in 1959 in Sakashita, Japan. The brand started as a small family-own instrument workshop, and soon they started making terrific guitars with the help of some expert craftsmen. 

By the early 70s, they started spreading their wings in the American market, but they faced steep competition from brands like Gibson and Fender. 

However, it was in the year 1976 when they got a significant break in the music industry, and many musicians started recognizing it. 

The famous band ‘Eagle’ used their 12 string guitar to create the song classic Hotel California, and people started realizing the exquisite quality that the brand has on offer.

By the end of 1970, everything had changed, and Takamine was sitting in the same position as the other American big brands. 

With super-distributor Kaman taking care of the distribution task, the Japanese brand was booming in the music industry. 

Their electro-acoustic guitar became a massive hit as it was able to solve the issue of mic and feedback for live musicians. 

Brief Background

In the early 80s, they came with some specialized acoustic models that compelled many famous musicians to get attracted to them. 

The manufacturer never stopped amazing their users with high-quality amplified guitars, and in 1986, they came up with Natural models and enduring limited editions.  


Takamine revolutionized the American market with their products. 

On the one hand, they came up with high-quality G-series for the budget segment; on the other hand, they hadEA360S Flying A guitar that gave steep competition to other high-end models. 

It was in the year 1988 when Takamine gained a new height with the arrival of Makoto Terasaki, who is a master luthier.  


Future Plans 

Future Plans of Takamine

Since they arrived in the US market, Takamine has never stopped growing, and they are continually gifting the market with new innovative products. Unlike other non-US guitar makers, their future never looked bleak, and the dominance of Pro and SuperNatural was partly responsible for it. 

Their handmade Nashville guitars are still a rage among veteran musicians, and many people still prefer 800-series over other mades. 

Importantly, the manufacturer is continuously evolving, and they are coming up with new acoustic designs that are putting some large brands to have sleepless nights.

Apart from the standard models, Takamine is also planning to introduce some collector-grade models that would showcase not only their expert craftsmanship but also their dedication. 

They are also trying to come up with new compact American focused models to spread their dominance in every segment and attract new age customers who prefer ergonomic designs.    


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